Our urgent volunteer needs at this time are: foster families (for dogs, kittens, and cats with medical needs), Community Cat Caretakers, dog walkers for dogs at Dandyland Pet Care Center, fundraising event staffing/organizing, and Sanctuary Cat Caretakers.



We are a volunteer-run organization that has successfully placed more than 2,000 homeless cats and dogs in loving homes. We believe that all cats and dogs deserve the chance to find good, loving homes. We are a no-kill rescue, and we need your help!

There are many ways you can volunteer with CCAD! Whether you want to be directly involved with the animals by fostering or staffing our adoption center, or whether you want to help us organize fundraising events, or whether you have another way to help, there’s a place for YOU at CCAD!


Completed forms can be dropped off at our adoption center during normal business hours, or mailed to us at: Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, 326 Wye Mills Rd., Queenstown, MD 21658.

How You Can Help:


    • Fostering: Provide a temporary home for a cat/kitten or a dog/puppy in need. We are ready and willing to work around your schedule and life-style needs. Even very short-term fosters are needed. Every foster family secured allows CCAD to save more lives!
    • Community Cat Caretakes: We have put together a great outside enclosure for cats who are not yet ready for life indoors. We’re looking for volunteers to provide them with food, water, and to help them learn people are great!
    • Fundraising Events/Community Outreach: As your schedule allows, attend various fundraising events throughout the year that range from Basket Bingos and Craft Fairs to bake sales and adoption shows. These events are scheduled to help promote our organization and find homes for our animals. Fundraising is vital to our organization and volunteers are always needed to staff these events.

  • Dog Walkers: Several of our dogs are waiting for homes at Dandyland Pet Care Center in Centreville. While they’re waiting, we need volunteers to walk them and give them tons of love and play-time!
  • Cat Caretakers: Assist at our Sanctuary with caring for the cats, feeding, cleaning their home, and socializing the cats who live there. Volunteers are also needed to staff the Sanctuary on Sunday afternoons, which involves assisting visitors and answering the phone.
  • Cat Cuddlers: Cats don’t always get adopted quickly because there are so many homeless cats (especially during kitten season!). We need cuddlers to come to the Sanctuary and brush, hold, talk to, and spend time with the current residents. Cat Cuddlers can come in any time during center hours. (It’s good for your stress level, too!)
  • PURRfect Readers: kids, cats, books. What a PURRfect combination! Kids can practice their reading skills while providing our cats with love and attention. Not only is this a great volunteer opportunity for kids, but it truly benefits the cats in our Sanctuary by allowing them to become more comfortable around children, which increases their chances of being adopted. (Parents, please note: children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and cannot be left unattended in our Sanctuary. We appreciate your understanding.)
  • Animal Transportation: Our cats and dogs have places to go and volunteers are needed to help get them there.
  • Bakers: Donate baked items for one of our many bake sales held throughout the year.
  • Knitters: Donate knitted items for use at our Sanctuary or to be included in one of our basket bingo prizes.

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