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Chesapeake Cats and Dogs Rescues Cat with Rubberband Around Neck

faith1faith2On October 26, 2016, Chesapeake Cats & Dogs received a phone call from Caroline County Humane Society about a young cat that had been found and was seriously injured. She was initially taken to Dr. Arion. He found a rubber band so tightly wound around her neck that it had cut into her skin deeply. The speculation is that it had been there a while. She is mal-nourished and also had been shot in the eye with a bb gun. The vet cut off the rubber band, cleaned the wound and gave eye medicines needed. Chesapeake Cats & Dogs has placed the cat, now named Faith, in foster care to heal. She will be available for adoption once she is fully healed. Though abused and abandoned, Faith is now safe and on the road to recovery.

Please consider making a donation to support Faith’s recovery. We appreciate your support!

Media Coverage: WBOC

New Office/Adoption Center Hours

Starting on August 10th, our office and cat adoption center at 300A Island Professional Park in Stevensville will be open to the public during the following hours:

  • Monday: 12-4
  • Tuesday: 12-5
  • Wednesday: 12-6
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 12-4
  • Sunday: 11-3

Other times are available by appointment. Please contact our office at 410-643-9955. Come in and meet our new center managers, Darlene and Julie! We hope to see you soon!