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Thanks to Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital for Their Angel Tree!

Group of people standing behind a very large donation pileAt the beginning of December, our friends at Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital put together an “Angel Tree” to collect donations for us through the month of December. Today, they delivered to us the donations collected from their “Angel Tree”… and we are completely overwhelmed by the generosity and support that was given for the cats at our Sanctuary. Shadow and Meeko (both adoptable!) were there to give the donations their official inspections. We are very grateful to the kind folks at MACH for doing this for us, and to those who donated items for their “Angel Tree”. Thank you, Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital!

Casey C., YOU are AMAZING!

fadie-thank_youOne of our “young” supporters, Casey C., was in a National Pageant this past week in Orlando, Florida. One of the optional contests that she participated in was called “spokesmodel”. This is when they give a speech on something they are passionate about or a “hot” topic. Casey chose to write talk about what was very near and dear to her. This was her speech:

“Did you know that only one out of every 10 dogs will ever find a permanent home? In fact, homeless animals outweigh homeless people by 5 to 1. And each year, 2.7 million cats and dogs are killed because shelters are just too full and there are not enough adoptive homes.

As a future veterinarian myself, this is a sad reality that I am working to change.

I currently volunteer with Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, an active no-kill shelter that has helped find forever homes for over 2000 animals since 2006.

Today, I hope to inspire you to take action. Bring home a new furry friend to your family…just like my family and I did, when we adopted Luke and Bo, our loving cocker spaniels!

There is no time like the present – love and be loved – adopt today!”


Congratulations, Casey! You are AMAZING, and we thank so much for getting the word out about our organization and the importance of animal rescue!

With Deepest Appreciation…

unnamedCCAD extends our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Proctor family for the generous donation made in memory of their dear mother Frances, who was an avid animal lover and rescuer of those in need.

Frances Mildred Proctor
October 18, 1918 – October 4, 2014