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Announcing our September Cats & Dog of the Month: WISHBONE & TAFETA and PRINCESS JAZZ!

Two dilute tortoiseshell cats Small white Cairn Terrier dog with a big smile on her face sitting next to toys
Young Adult male & female dilute Tortoiseshell siblings

Wishbone is a very rare male tortoiseshell. He and his sister Tafeta are charming and affectionate young adult cats who love people of all ages and love other cats, too!

Adult female Cairn Terrier

Princess Jazz is a 6 year old diabetic Cairn Terrier who fit right in to her foster home with 2 permanent canine residents. She is a very sweet girl who loves toys, is good on a leash, is house-trained, and sleeps well at night. She is about 6 years old, weighs about 15 pounds, and is diabetic so needs insulin shots 2x/day (she accepts this without complaint!).

To apply to adopt WISHBONE & TAFETA and PRINCESS JAZZ, please click here! Please print and distribute the following flyers to local establishments so that WISHBONE & TAFETA and PRINCESS JAZZ can find their forever homes this month: Cat of the Month flyer, Dog of the Month flyer.

March Pets of the Month: MOODY & LEO and ALEX!

Moody, a blue-grey cat, being groomed by Leo, a brown tabby A small mini-pin terrier mix with brown and black wiry fur who is staring up affectionately at the camera
Adult male domestic short hair

Leo & Moody are adult male cats who would love to find a home together! Both love to play and are very affectionate with people and other cats. They have been waiting in our adoption center for their forever home, and we are hoping this could be their lucky month! Please call us at 410-643-9955 for more information about Moody & Leo!

Senior male Mini-Pin/Terrier mix

Alex was left at a shelter when his owner died. He is still trying hard to understand what has happened to him. Just eight years old, crate-trained, and house-broken, this adorable little dog needs someone who will be patient and give him the time he needs to adjust to his new life. He has lots of love to give! Please take a chance on this grieving little boy.

Please print and distribute the following flyers to local establishments so that MOODY & LEO and ALEX can find their forever homes this month: Cat of the Month flyer, Dog of the Month flyer.

Hoping for a New Year, New Start for William, Sarah Anne, and Fancy!

Two pictures of cats; the first cat is a handsome brown tabby and white male gaze; the second cat is a one-eyed grey tabby White adorable bulldog with black spot over right ear and on nose

$50 Adoption Donation if William and Sarah Anne are adopted as a pair!

WILLIAM and SARAH ANNE are loving, affectionate adult cats who were recently returned to our adoption center; they deserve to spend 2016 in a new forever home!

Adult male domestic short-hair

William is mourning the loss of his home and is pretty sad at the adoption center. His favorite activities are drinking water from the sink, begging for attention/food/running water, and cuddling with people. Can you mend his broken heart and make this handsome gentle-cat happy again?

Adult female domestic short-hair

Sarah Anne is winking at you, hoping today will be the lucky day she finds her forever home! This super sweet and affectionate cat is about 6 years old and only has one eye. If you are looking for a lap cat, Sarah Anne is your girl!

Adult female American Bulldog

Fancy wants nothing more than love and a home! She is a wonderful 2 year old American Bulldog, sweet with people and eager to learn. Sadly, she has grown up in a kennel and needs training and an understanding person… but the cuddles and love that person will receive from her will be more than worth it! She lacks socialization skills with dogs and that has caused her to have some issues. She is a smart dog, and a trainer feels she can be trained to be a good citizen quickly, but she will do best in a home with no other dogs. Please contact us at (410) 758-4555 (Ginny at Dandyland) for more information about FOSTERING or ADOPTING Fancy!

Please print and distribute the following flyers to local establishments so that WILLIAM, SARAH ANNE, and FANCY can find their forever homes this month: Cat of the Month flyer, Dog of the Month flyer.

Announcing our November Pets of the Month:

537104_10151783586557883_286420521_n sport



Senior female domestic long-hair

Sylvia lost her home when her family was moving and they were unable to take her. This lovely, quiet cat is very sweet and is eagerly searching for her true forever home. She would love to go home with you!



Young adult male Dalmation-Lab mix

This charming half dalmatian, half lab will make a perfect companion! He loves to walk and run, is curious about everything, and is great with other dogs. He is wary of cats, but doesn’t chase them. When you meet him, he is anxious to show you he wants a person of his own! At events, he has been a perfect gentleman with everyone, but he may be a bit much for small children. We would love to get him to his forever home before the holidays.

Please print and distribute the following flyers to local establishments so that SYLVIA and SPORT can find their forever homes: Cat of the Month, Dog of the Month.

Announcing our October Pets of the Month:



Adult female domestic long-hair & Adult female domestic short-hair

Honey and Peanut Butter lost their home recently when their beloved owner passed away suddenly. They are a lovable pair, both healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. Honey is six years old while Peanut Butter is 8. Can you help these two girls mend their broken hearts and give them the home they deserve?


JAZZABELLE & her daughter LILY:

Adult female Chihuahuas

Jazzy (mom) & Lily are a bonded mom-and-daughter pair of Chihuahuas that need to find a home together ASAP! Their foster family is going on a long vacation soon, and Jazzy and Lily need to find their forever home before then! The pair ended up in a shelter when their owner was dying. They are scared, but do warm up quickly. They would make great companions, as they love to cuddle with their foster family!

Please print out and distribute the following flyers to local establishments to help these two bonded pairs find their forever homes this October: October Cats of the Month flyer, October Dogs of the Month flyer.