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Poseidon: The Bay Bridge Kitten

Poseidon, the kitten rescued after being thrown off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, with his new family. This tragic story has a happy ending!

A well-known local waterman played the hero, rescuing a kitten and providing a happy ending in one of two animal cruelty cases here last week.

Calvert “Butterball” Thompson Jr., who is safety boat captain for The Markmen Co. which is working on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, was on his way in to pick up an inspector near the end of the day Friday afternoon, March 17. He said he came in a little bit differently and saw what he first thought was a muskrat swimming around one of the concrete piers.

He moved his boat closer to see what it was and realized it was a small, black kitten.

“It was swimming for all it was worth and kind of over on its side. It was meowing at the top of its lungs. It was pretty much on its last legs,” he said.

Thompson tried to catch the kitten with his hands, but couldn’t get a hold of it, so he used a dip net to scoop the kitten from the chilly Bay waters about half a mile from the shore at Sandy Point State Park under the three-lane span of the bridge.

The kitten couldn’t have survived much longer in the cold water, he said. “I’m just glad I was there when I was, the right place at the right time.”

Both Thompson and the Chesapeake Cats and Dogs animal rescue group think someone tossed the kitten from a moving car as they crossed the bridge.

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This tragic story has a happy ending! Poseidon has been adopted and has fully recovered from his trauma.

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Before & After: Some Pawtastic Happy Tails

Absolutely the BEST part of our job as a rescue is when an animal gets adopted into their forever home. It is why we work so hard! Please click here for more happy tails!


Tigger went to his “loving furever home” on June 16th. His new dad was so very excited and had new beds, perch, etc. all ready for Tigger. Tigger came to us in 2013 from Caroline County Humane Society and is about 7 years old. He loves to be petted and will purr and purr when getting love and attention. His dad is looking forward to giving him all of that love and attention. Here is what his new “dad” has to say about Tigger:

“Tigger is doing amazing. It is like he has always lived here and that I’ve always been his human. From both of us—Thank you for the work that you do which brought us together.”

FullSizeRender (5)


Brittney was found in 2008, a kitten playing in the ashes of a bonfire. She was adopted, and then returned because they got a dog that they preferred more. She spent many months in our adoption center, hoping someone would notice her big capacity for affection and bring her home. Her dream came true on Valentine’s Day, 2015. In her new home, Brittney is “only child” and has the run of the house! She also loves cuddling with her new owner and sleeping in her favorite chair.



Cheddar was found injured on our doorstep in mid-July, 2014 (click here for details). He went to the emergency clinic in Annapolis, where they performed emergency surgery to amputate his mangled tail. He spent many weeks recovering in a foster home before he was ready for adoption. The loss of his tail never slowed him down—he was a loving, playful kitten who was very much missed by his foster family… because Cheddar went to his forever home in August, 2014. Here is what his new family has to say about Cheddar:

“This naughty cat has more then stole my heart! I thank CCAD almost daily for the rescue, time and money they put out to save him! My Cheddar man is such a character and a bit of a brat but he is the sweetest cat when he is feeling snuggly!! Again I cannot thank you guys enough for bringing him to us.”

Cheddar 008


Tuffy came to our adoption center in April of 2009. She was a small, terrified kitten who spent all of her time hiding. In time, she befriended a great big male cat named Chester. This friendship caught the attention of one of our volunteers, who made it her mission to help Tuffy get past her fear of people. After months of slow progress, the volunteer was able to touch Tuffy for the first time. Eventually, Tuffy even allowed the volunteer to pick her up and put her on her lap.

In 2014, this volunteer unexpectedly lost one of her cats to intestinal lymphoma. A few weeks later, she and her husband brought Tuffy–now Emily (after Emily Dickinson)–home. Emily once again has a feline best friend; his name is Snowcrash. But now, she has human best friends, too. She sleeps in their bed every night and jumps up on their laps when they watch TV, purring non-stop.


Recent Happy Tails

The following cats and dogs have recently found their forever homes:


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