Chesapeake Cats and Dogs: A life of love and dignity for all animals

Windows of the Past: Art Auction

Windows of the Past: Art Auction, Saturday, May 6 at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM; Queen Anne's County Arts Council
206 S Commerce St, Centreville, Maryland 21617

Windows of the Past: Art Auction

Saturday, October 7th at 7-9 PM
Queen Anne’s County Arts Council, 206 S Commerce St, Centreville, Maryland 21617

This exclusive event will feature a live auction of window art created by local artists. The windows were taken from the 100 year old farmhouse that has been transformed into the first phase of Chesapeake Cats & Dogs’ Tree of Life Pet Sanctuary. These Windows of the Past will enable us to move forward into the future. In addition to live auction, enjoy refreshments, wine and beer.

Tickets: $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Tickets are limited for this exclusive event! Please click the “BUY NOW” button on the right to purchase your tickets.

Strut Your Mutt: 10/7

October 7th, 9am to 1pm: Best Friends Animal Society STRUT YOUR MUTT

Wheaton Regional Park, Wheaton, Maryland

Folks all across the D.C. Metro area raised more than $70,000 for the animals during last year’s Strut Your Mutt. Together, let’s raise even more during this year’s event!

The D.C. Metro Strut Your Mutt is more than a charity walk or dog walking event. It’s a fun-filled festival for all ages (both human and canine). Register for the city’s Strut Your Mutt today and help raise money for pets in the D.C. Metro area and beyond.

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Upcoming Events:

The Black Dog General Store Doggie Adoption Month:

Sat., Sep. 30, 1 p.m.; 114 Main St, Annapolis, MD

The Annapolis Black Dog General Store is teaming up with Chesapeake Cats & Dogs Pet Sanctuary to help find forever homes for adoptable dogs. There will be dogs on site for adoption and 20% of the stores proceeds on the day of the event will be donated to the shelter.

Poseidon: The Bay Bridge Kitten

Poseidon, the kitten rescued after being thrown off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, with his new family. This tragic story has a happy ending!

A well-known local waterman played the hero, rescuing a kitten and providing a happy ending in one of two animal cruelty cases here last week.

Calvert “Butterball” Thompson Jr., who is safety boat captain for The Markmen Co. which is working on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, was on his way in to pick up an inspector near the end of the day Friday afternoon, March 17. He said he came in a little bit differently and saw what he first thought was a muskrat swimming around one of the concrete piers.

He moved his boat closer to see what it was and realized it was a small, black kitten.

“It was swimming for all it was worth and kind of over on its side. It was meowing at the top of its lungs. It was pretty much on its last legs,” he said.

Thompson tried to catch the kitten with his hands, but couldn’t get a hold of it, so he used a dip net to scoop the kitten from the chilly Bay waters about half a mile from the shore at Sandy Point State Park under the three-lane span of the bridge.

The kitten couldn’t have survived much longer in the cold water, he said. “I’m just glad I was there when I was, the right place at the right time.”

Both Thompson and the Chesapeake Cats and Dogs animal rescue group think someone tossed the kitten from a moving car as they crossed the bridge.

Read more here.

This tragic story has a happy ending! Poseidon has been adopted and has fully recovered from his trauma.

Please click here to help us save more lives like Poseidon’s!

Find Your Match This February!

Announcing Our Pets of the Month:

Charming grey and white cat lounging with belly visible and paws curled up, wanting attention chunky brown Dachshund/Beaglex mix

Augustine lost her home when her family didn’t want a litter box in the house while it was on the market. She is generally a quiet cat, but she also loves the chance to play! She dreams of a finding a home with people who love her and finding a lap to sleep on!

JASPER: Adult male Dachshund/Beagle mix

Jasper is a combination of doxy and beagle (and something pot-bellied looking at his belly!). He has a loving disposition and adores being called a good boy. He gets along with his foster yorkie brother. Jasper enjoys indestructible toys and has a fondness for squeakers and stuffing. He likes receiving affection and also likes to give affection! He’s quite the love-bug!

To apply to adopt AUGUSTINE or JASPER, please click here! Please print and distribute the following flyers to local establishments so that AUGUSTINE and JASPER can find their forever homes this month: Cat of the Month flyer, Dog of the Month flyer.

We’ve MOVED!

Our dream of starting Tree of Life Pet Sanctuary has come true!

We invite you to come visit! Our Christmas stockings are up in our NEW SANCTUARY! Please stop by, pick up a stocking (each animal has their own!), fill it with goodies, and return!

Our new address is 326 Wye Mills Rd in Queenstown, on Rt 662 right behind Chesapeake College!