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Site updates and improvements

Attention:  We have had reports related to applications for dogs and cats that are not not getting feedback on in our normal 24 hour response response goal.  We need your help in making sure our goals are achieved.  If you submit an application and do not receive a receipt verification in 24 hours please call our hot line at 410.643.9955 and let us know.  We appreciate your help.

Operations are being streamlined, personnel reassigned, volunteers motivated and Administrative procedures and By-Laws are being rewritten by our action committee. As a part of that reorganization, we are completely revising our web presence. Plus we have some new designers to improve security and usability. The old web was showing its age and more content needed to be included. Because of that, we have an “out with the old and in with the new” initiative dedicated to streamlining and improving the CCAD web site. Over the next 30 days you will see the site change and grow. We ask your patience during this time.

Above all, we hope you will continue to assist us in achieving our mission with donations, adoptions, and fostering. CCAD was the recipient of a donated addition to the sanctuary on Sunday, 4 January by a generous boy scout troop. See the picture below. The future of America is bright with qualified and generous young men like those in the Boy Scouts. Their efforts added to the girl scout who helped at the successful Breakfast with Santa make the world a better place.

Fosters Needed!

We are looking for responsible animal lovers who are looking to become a fos- ter for our sanctuary. It is a very rewarding experience. Fosters help us take in  kittens, cats and dogs who we otherwise can not. CCAD covers ALL the nec- essary veterinary care expenses for your foster. We support you in every step  of the way. Benefits of Fostering:  You are saving a life! By fostering, you make it possible for CCAD to rescue a dog or cat from a kill-facility. Without foster homes to provide temporary care for dogs and cats, CCAD is limited in the number of homeless animals we are able to rescue.  Through the socialization and home environment you provide, you increase that  animal’s chance of being adopted! As you learn about the dog’s and/or cat’s per- sonality, our rescue group is better able to place them in permanent homes. This is a  wonderful gift you can give to people looking to adopt.  Your own pet will learn more social skills and have a temporary companion and playmate! It’s a good way to see if you are ready for an additional pet. It’s not always clear whether an additional pet would fit in with your family at the present time. With fostering, you have a chance to see whether or not adopting is right for your family. Maybe providing temporary foster care is better for you.  The dog or cat gets to live with your family rather than at a shelter! Animals get  stressed from shelter conditions. With time, many cats and dogs develop psychologi- cal issues as pent-up energy, frustration, aggression or boredom builds. Home envi- ronments and one-on-one attention prevent this.   Fostering lets you actively participate in the rehabilitation of a traumatized or needy animal! Due to the attention and security you give them in your home, your foster can become very different—less timid and less emotionally or physically injured.  It’s a way to help without spending much money! CCAD is responsible for ALL the necessary veterinary care expenses for your foster. We will support you every step of the way.  Any volunteering makes a person feel good! Fostering is a way to give back to your community. If you love animals, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a homeless dog or cat.  Fostering teaches children about compassion, generosity, and responsibility!  There are MANY other reasons to consider becoming a foster, but most of all, fostering is incred- ibly satisfying! The day your foster finds their perfect forever home is a day of rejoicing and  knowing that they wouldn’t be where they are without all of your efforts and affection!

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Bingo Bag Sponsors Needed!

We need YOUR help to make our next BAG BINGO fundraiser in September a success!

We are looking for sponsors to cover the cost of the bags for our BINGO fundraiser. Our Bag Bingo is a a huge source for spaying/neutering and caring for our animals, and we NEED YOUR HELP! If you cannot foster or adopt, please sponsor a bag or ask a business friend to sponsor. supports CCAD!

Order your Pet Food at and Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, Inc will get a $20 donation!

Every visitor that visits this page automatically gets “tagged” by Chewy’s system. Once they’ve made a purchase and qualify (first time customer, one per household), CCAD gets a donation point, worth $20! At the end of the month we get a donation check for the referrals!

Amazon Smile

Did you know you can support CCAD while you do your holiday shopping? By clicking this link and selecting Chesapeake Cats and Dogs as your charity of choice, you can support us at no extra cost to you!

After you’ve selected CCAD as your non-profit, by starting your shopping at, Amazon will donate 0.5% of qualifying purchases to CCAD, without increasing your price!

Look for “Supporting: Chesapeake Cats & Dogs Incorporated” below your order total. That way, you’ll know that 0.5% of your qualifying purchase is being used to support our mission!